A Priest and a Lawyer walk into a bakery.


The Lawyer looks around shrewdly, grabs three 


baked buns and quickly puts them into his pockets.


He says to the Priest, “That took great skill and 

guile to 

steal those buns. The owner didn’t even see me.”


The Priest replied, “That’s just simple thievery, 

I’II show

 you how to do it the honest way and get the same 



The Priest then proceeded to call out to the owner 

of the

 bakery, “Sir, I want to show you a miracle of the 



The owner was intrigued so he came over to see 


the priest was talking about.


The Priest asked him for a bun, and then he 


 to give it to a homeless-looking man outside.


He asked two more times, and after once again 


the buns out, the owner says, “Okay my friend, 


the miracle?”


The Priest said,


“Look in the Lawyer’s pockets.”