A couple had been married for over 50 years 

and had many children and grandchildren. 

One day, the eldest son calls his father for a 

normal chat and his father starts musing. “You 

know son, after 50 years, I’m not really in love

 with your mother any more,… I’m thinking of 

getting a divorce and leaving her.” The son is 

absolutely shocked and says: “Dad, please 

don’t do anything rash. You love mom! You’ve 

had 50 wonderful years together,… I’m going 

to call all of my siblings and we’re going to 

figure this out”. Panicked, the son calls all of 

his siblings and asks them what they should 

do. All of the siblings agree that this situation 

needs some serious intervention and they all 

happened to be free in two weeks. The son 

calls his father back and says: “Dad, please 

hold out for two more weeks. All of my siblings 

and I will be home to talk some sense into you.

 You can’t just abandon this loving, amazing 

marriage.” His father considers it for a minute

 or so and says: “Okay, but this is going to be 

tough. I’ll hold off on my decision.” The son, 

relieved, hangs up after telling his father he 

loves him. The father walks quickly into the 

other room and says to his wife: 
* * 
* * * 
* * * *
 * * 
GREAT NEWS honey! All of the kids will

 be here for the Christmas Holidays! AND 

they’re paying for their own tickets!”