A woman (mom) was sitting at a 

bar enjoying a cocktail after work 

one night, when the bar door 

opened and the most gorgeous

 hunk of a man she had ever seen

 entered. He was tall, muscular, 

and handsome, with thick dark 

hair and beautiful, sparkling green

 eyes, and his every movement 

was so masculine and sensuous 

that the woman could not help but 

stare. The man noticed that he 

was the object of the woman’s 

rapt attention, and with a sly, sexy

 smile, approached her. Blushing, 

she prepared to apologize for 

staring, but he leaned close and 

whispered in her ear. “I’ll do 

anything,” he whispered in a 

deep, soft voice. “Anything, 

absolutely anything you want, 

anything you have ever 

fantasized, for fifty dollars. 

There’s just one condition…” 

Trembling with anticipation, the

 woman asked him the condition.

 The man said, “You have to tell 

me what you want me to do in just

 three words.” The women gazed 

into his hypnotic eyes, considering

 the proposition, then reached into

 her handbag and took out fifty 

dollars. She scribbled her address 

on a napkin, folded it around the 

cash, and pressed it into his 

waiting hand. She leaned over and

 whispered into his ear “Clean… 

my… house.”