Here is how men in love have described their feelings. These little stories will touch your heart and warm your soul. 

My boyfriend was shocked, mildly speaking, when he first saw me taking off a transparent peel-off mask. He didn't stir for a couple of minutes. One of his eyes twitched. But then he apparently braced himself and spit out, in all seriousness, "Does it often happen that your skin layers come off like this?"

I was lying in bed star-gazing with my girlfriend. She was waiting for a shooting star to make a wish. Eventually she fell asleep. The next moment I saw a shooting star and wished all her dreams would come true.

I suddenly realized why my wife was my perfect match. Last night she woke me up at 3 a.m. in the morning and said, ''Hey babe, what if I was a teletubby? Would you still love me the same?'' ''Sure I would, I totally loved them when I was little'', I replied. Later that night I had a dream where she was a teletubby and during breakfast I asked her what teletubbies pancakes are made of.

When I was little boy, my mother used to ask me only these two questions about the girls I liked - ''What is her color are her eyes?'' and ''What is her favorite ice cream flavor?'' I'm 40 now, and my mom is long gone, but even today I remember so vividly that she had green eyes and liked chocolate chip ice cream, just as my wife does.

This is how I met my wife. We were in college back then. The night before it had been raining cats and dogs, and I was rushing to my class. Right in front of the building there was a girl who couldn't find a way over the deep puddle, and she asked for help. I walked up to her and the next moment I was carrying her to the building. Everyone in the street was quite surprised. And me, I just didn't care. That day I got my shoes all wet but also I got my wife. Now I love telling the story of how we met.
Every time I have a fight with my wife, our little daughter suddenly falls down and pretends she's hurt her hand or her knee. Recently we were fighting in the kitchen while our daughter was taking a nap. She heard us arguing, walked in the kitchen and took my hand. She asked me to lie down with her because she had a bad dream and was just scared to go back to sleep. A few minutes later we both fell asleep. And just like that, she prevented a big fight. Now we don't fight that often thanks to our baby girl.
We are perfect for each other, all of our friends think so. We have the same tastes in almost everything - from our sense of humor to our food preferences. So we moved in together. People say that routines can kill your relationship, but we experienced the opposite – our feelings became even stronger. HOWEVER...there is still one little thing we can't find a balance in. That is thermoesthesia. I always wear a t-shirt, she wears a jersey, I sleep with no blanket and she wraps herself in dozens of them. That makes us laugh – who'd have known that out of countless routine problems we would face exactly this one?
A fantastic story happened to me. I passed through a complicated divorce procedure. That was pretty hard for me. And finally, in the summer, I decided to have a good rest. Quite by chance I had a conversation with my old classmate; she told me that she had an empty apartment by the sea. The same night I bought tickets and escaped from the whole world. During my vacation I met a girl – she came from the same town as me. It seems I fell in love. I have never met such a lovely person and we have a lot in common. Now I’m happy. I know if something happens, it happens for a reason.
I work in shifts: I work two days in a row and the next two days are my days off. My wife started making me breakfasts and snacks with surprises in them. Like a child, I just love finding her sweet little love letters in my lunch box. She writes how much she loves me and draws a smiley face. Nobody ever did anything like this for me.
My wife always asks me very good questions. What do I want to become? What should I do to make myself happier? What do I dream about? What do I like about people? What do I value the most? What would I do for my friends if they need me? What should a man do to become my friend? What is it about women that I admire the most? What makes me feel excited, or how do I find inner peace?
...And you know what? She is so wonderful, and I feel how much she is in to me; I always feel how involved she is in my life, and I know how much she loves me. She is my love and my inspiration.

When my newborn daughter started saying her first sounds, I secretly started to teach her the word 'mommy', willing this word to be the first thing she says. One day I came home earlier than usual without being noticed. I quietly entered the room where my wife and daughter were and saw my wife teaching our baby girl to say the word 'daddy'...