"Jesus is watching you!"

A thief breaks into a house at around 3 AM. As he's walking about in the house with his flashlight, he hears a voice whisper,

"Jesus is watching you!"

Startled, he points his flashlight towards the source of the voice. In the corner of the room, there's a birdcage with a parrot in it.

The thief breathes a sigh of relief and continues on his search for valuables.

"Jesus is watching you!" the parrot says again. "Shush, be quiet you!" the thief said in a hushed voice, all the while still looking for stuff to take.

"Jesus is watching you!" the parrot exclaims again.


The thief is irritated now, so he decides to go over and deal with the bird before something happens.

As he makes it to the cage, he notices the name JUDAS on the side of the cage.

"What kind of idiot names his pet parrot JUDAS?"

"The same idiot who names his rottweiler Jesus!" replied the parrot