A little guy sat in a cafe one day eating his lunch.

Three Hells Angels walked into the cafe, looked around, and decided to have some fun with the little guy.

They sat at his table. One of them took his coffee away from him and drank it down.

 The next one took his sandwich away and ate it down. The third Hells Angel took the little guy's pie and ate it down.

Without saying a word, the little guy got up, went to the cash register, paid his bill, and left.

One of the Hells Angels looked at the waitress, and said, "Did you see that? We took away his coffee, his sandwich, and his pie! And he didn't say a word! He sure ain't much of a man!"

The waitress turned to them and said, "He ain't much of a truck driver, either. He just ran over three motorcycles in the parking lot!"😂😂