An Irishman has been shipwrecked and stranded on an island for over 20 years.


One day, on his daily walk of the beach, he sees something way out in the ocean.  At first he couldn’t make out what it was, as it got closer, he could see something red.


Finally, it was close enough to determine that the red was actually the hair of a woman. A very pretty dame in her 20s.


When she arrived on shore she was surprised to find anyone there, as this is a very remote island.


She walks up to the Irishman and asks him how he got there.  He says “I haven’t seen another soul in over 20 years since I was shipwrecked and stranded here.”


She says, “20 years you say? Well, that’s a long time to go without a drink”, she pulls down her wetsuit zipper a bit, reaches in and pulls out a bottle of Irish whiskey.  “How would you like a drink?”


He obliges and takes a couple of swallows.  “Bless your heart, that’s the best tasting whiskey I’ve had in me whole life.”

She says, “It’s been a long time since you’ve had a smoke, would you like a cigarette?”


He happily obliges and she pulls the wetsuit zipper down even farther and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and some matches.


He lights the cigarette, has a few drags and says, “Bless your heart, that’s the best cigarette I’ve had in me whole life.”


She then says, “So you’ve been stranded here for over 20 years, how’d you like to play around?”  She pulls the wetsuit zipper down the rest of the way, exposing her sumptuous naked body.


He responds, “Oh bless your heart, you’ve got a set of clubs in there have you?”