One day a guy rushed into a restaurant and sat down.

When the waitress came to his table, he said to her, “Look,
I am in a hurry, please bring me coffee and a menu!”.

The waitress scurried away and return soon after with a menu and his cup of coffee.

The guy looked down and notice as she put his coffee down, the waitress had her thumb noticeably in his coffee.

He gave her a dirty look and pushed the menu back at her and said “ Just bring me a bowl of soup, Ok.?”

So, once again the server scurried away and quickly return with the customers bowl of soup, but as she put it down, he noticed, again, that she had her thumb very far into his bowl of soup.

Seeing again her extended appendage, he said to her abruptly “Ok, what’s with the thumb?”.

The waitress responded “Excuse me?”

“Excuse Me? You had better say excuse me! You bring my coffee, you have your thumb in my coffee! You bring my soup, you have your thumb in my soup! Like, what with your thumb?”.

To which the waitress responded, “ Well, I slammed my thumb in the door yesterday and my doctor told me to keep it somewhere warm.”

“Why don’t you just cram it up your butt then?!”the client replied.

To which the waitress replied “Well, I do when I’m in the kitchen!”...