An old man decides to start a farm.

As an insurance adjuster, he always wanted to start a farm out in the country.

He takes his retirement and moves out to the country, and immediately goes to a local market in order to purchase animals to start his farm with.

He sees a stand with hens.

He thinks, “Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a hen, as they lay eggs.”

“How much for that hen?”

“Oh, you mean this pullet?”


“That’s what we call them.”

“I’ll take it.”

He then thinks, “It would be wise to get a rooster to breed with the hen. More chickens just mean more eggs and meat!”

He sees a stand selling roosters and he says,

“Hey, I’d like to buy a rooster.”

“Oh, I got this c0ck for sale.”

“What’s that?”

“Around these parts, we call ’em c0cks. He should do you just fine.”

“I’ll take it.”

So he walks away happy as can be, figuring if nothing else he can sell eggs or chickens.

But as he walked past a donkey stand, he wonders if he could use the donkey to run a plough so he could produce vegetables.

He approaches the stand, and being short on cash at this point, he asks,

“What’s the cheapest and most efficient donkey you’ve got?”

“Well, I got this a$s. He’s a bit fussy. Sometimes, he just won’t go. But the trick is, just scratch him behind his left ear, and he starts going. He can pull like crazy, when in the mood.”

“I’ll take it!”

Proud as can be, since now he knows the in and outs of farming, with his hen in one arm, his rooster in the other, guiding his donkey back to the farm.

Suddenly, the donkey stops.

He tugs, and the donkey just won’t budge.

With his arms holding these flailing birds, he can’t figure out how to get the donkey moving.

He sees a young lady walking towards him on the same road.

“Excuse me, lady, would you hold my c0ck and pullet while I scratch my a$s?”