Husband and wife were both in the room discussing while the wife was busy with her phone.

Wife: Hubby, this guy is still disturbing me
Husband: Seriously? He is getting out of hand, you know what, tell him yu av agreed
Wife: What?

Husband: Don’t worry, we will both teach him a lesson
Wife: How??
Husband: You just tell him to come and I hide under the bed while he tries to have s£x with you, then I come out and we both beat him
Wife: wow, perfect plan

Husband: No probs dear
The guy was invited and the woman opened the door for him as the husband has hidden as planned. He removed his clothes and the woman noticed he has a lot of marks on his body
Wife: Why do u av a lot of marks

Guy: I went to sleep with a man’s wife and he caught me
Wife: And he beat u up?
Guy: No, I killed him and the police beat me up, enough of stories, let’s start
Wife:(hits the bed as planned so the husband can come out)

Husband: (silently) Dont worry ehn.. Let him have sex with you, there is love in sharing, I dont want to die!