After 15 years of not having s*x, an old couple finally decides that it’s about time they did something about their s*x life.

After much deliberation they decide to have a nudist day,

they will walk around the house all day with nothing on, and just see what happens.

The next day comes and they decide to have breakfast around the kitchen table without a scrap of clothing on.

After a little while, the old lady turns to her husband and says, “By Jove, I think this is working, I’m getting really turned on!!”

The old man replies,

“Well how do you mean love?”

His wife says,

“Well I’m getting all hot… my n!pples are red hot!!!”

He replies,

“Well I’m not a bl0ody surprised woman! You’ve got one n!pple in your coffee and the other in your porridge!”