Three men – a sex addict, a cigarette addict, and an alcoholic – all died and went to hell for their sins.

The Devil approached them as they entered, and offered them a deal. "I will lock you in a room with the object of your addiction for a thousand years. If, by the time those thousand years run out, you can get over those needs for good, I will send you back to the land of the living, Earth."

So the sex addict was locked in a room full of virgins, the alcoholic was locked in a room full of alcohol of all kinds, and the cigarette addict was locked in a room full of cigarettes.

A thousand years later, the Devil went to check up on the sex addict. "I'm so exhausted," the man groaned as he crawled out of his cell. "I'm never having sex again."

As promised, poof – he was sent right back to Earth.

The alcoholic had a much similar reaction. As the door was opened, he collapsed outside. "I am never drinking anything ever again."

Poof, back to Earth he went.

Finally, the Devil went to see the cigarette addict. But just as he opened the door, the addict punched the Devil in the face, shouting furiously, "You forgot the lighter, b–tch!"

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