One day, a father and his daughter are together. The father is putting the daughter to sleep. After the father leaves, he hears her saying her prayers.

He hears her say, ” God bless mommy, daddy, and grandma, rest in peace grandpa.”

The father hears all of this and barges back into the room. He asks her, ” Why did you say the last part?

The daughter replies, ” Because I needed to. ” The next day, grandpa dies.

The father thinks, ” Is this just a coincidence?

That night he tucks her daughter into bed. He leaves the room to only hear her prayers again. He hears, ” Bless mommy and daddy, rest in peace grandma.

The father now is thinking, ” Wow, my daughter can see into the future? ” The next day, grandma dies.

A week later nothing happens, but the night before

Sunday, he is tucking his daughter into bed once more.

He leaves and listens for any more prayers. Sure enough, there is another prayer. He hears, ” Bless you mommy, rest in peace daddy.

The father starts panicking and saying, ” Holy shit! I’m going to die tomorrow! “

The following start of the next day consisted the father being alert all the time, checking the clock, looking around the room, etc.

He goes to work to do the same things, being alert, all of that. He looks at the clock again 3 hours later. It’s past midnight.

The father says, ” How is this possible? I should be dead!

He goes home and finds his wife on the couch with a scared look on her face.

She asks, ” What took you so Iong!?”

The father says, ” Listen honey, today I haven’t had the best of days.”

Then as soon as he is about to tell what happened, she bursts out, ” I saw the mailman die yesterday!”