A lot of change happens in a marriage after entering the world of parenting. When we’re sleep deprived, struggling, and listening to crying sounds all day, we tend to lose our patience. And when that happens, our communication isn’t the best.

And that’s why it’s important during this phase to be kind to one another. Cut some slack and adjust household responsibilities to help even things out if one parent is taking on the bulk of parenting or has shifted work responsibilities.

For one mom of two, she’s still trying to find her footing as a mom and juggling that with her work. It’s not been working, and her husband has been anything but understanding, particularly after a recent fight.

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The woman was really struggling with a fight she had with her husband recently, so she took to Reddit.

Posting to Reddit’s AITA community, the original poster jumped right into it. “My husband and I have been married for 7 years we have two children one under the age of two,” she began her post.

“This morning we were having a somewhat heated text exchange about housework because I work full-time,” OP continued.

Her husband “was annoyed that I hadn't put away a basket of clothes from Monday.”

OP explained how the conversation went down, starting with what she told her husband.

“You're allowed to say whatever you want,” she recalled. “But the point is I give you grace and you give me none.”

She continued, “somehow you expect me to have stay at home mom (SAHM) level of house cleaning and that's not going to be possible ever.”

OP then shared her husband’s response. She found it hurtful.

“He said, ‘No u take everything personal. Let me know when my wife returns,’” she recalled. Her husband also said her “personality changed” the moment the two got married.

“'Everything I liked about u as friend n f--- buddy is completely gone,'” OP shared her husband said to her. “'[You’re] just a mom now.'”

Understandably, OP was really down about what her husband said to her.

“Should I just divorce??” she asked. “He is right but I am literally in a high powered career and stressed and no I'm not the person I used to be,” she admitted, adding that she wasn’t sure what she should do about it.

“I'm just sad. Now I'm running late to work crying in my car.”

After sharing the details, OP then turned things over to Reddit for advice.

Reddit came through with advice, and most of it was telling OP that her husband doesn’t seem like he’s a winner by any means.

“If he did more around the house and invested more time in making sure you had the support you needed and wasn’t so f---ing entitled, maybe you’d have more energy to be yourself,” one person responded. “I’m a sahm and my husband does a ton around the house without me prompting while also working and being very involved with our kids. Never complains if the house isn’t in order, just picks up and cooks dinner. As a result I am still the me he fell in love with. While also the mother of his children that had him fall in love again.”

Someone else pointed out that her husband didn’t seem to actually listen to her. “Did you notice how he deflected your point about how he treats you by insulting you and saying you’re boring and he’s sad he married you?” the Redditor asked.

“So he expects you to take care of the kids, pull in a good paycheck, take care of the house, give him sex whenever he wants it, and have time to pursue all those things that make you an interesting person?” questioned another person. “All while he is doing what? Does he still have time to do his hobbies and be an individual rather than a dad?”

"Maybe if he’d be more of a Dad you wouldn’t have to be so much of a Mom," another wrote.

Replying to OP, one commenter looked at this in a larger context. “TAKE THIS PRESSURE OFF OF WOMEN😤😤😤 I HATE IT!!!!” the person wrote. “Forced to be everything. The mother, The home maker, the sexy wife, the bread winner also, the cleaning lady, the cook, the house maintenance, EVERYTHING. Give moms/working women a BREAK.”

“He sounds like a jerk,” added another anonymous Redditor. “I would have a hard time continuing a relationship with someone who talked to me like that. And it's such a turnoff when your partner expects you to be their maid.”

Reddit was right — OP's husband isn't giving off a good look in how to be a partner in parenting.