A blonde is going door to door trying to find some paying work

She knocks on one door and an older man opens it up.

“Hey mister, do you have any odd jobs I could do for cash?”

He looks her up and down and surmises that she’s an idiot whom he can take advantage of.

“I’ll give you ten dollars if you paint my porch.

There’s paint, brushes, ladders and everything you’ll need next to the car in the garage.”

“Sure, sounds great!”

The man closes the door, chuckling at what a great deal he’s just brokered.

Half an hour later, there’s another knock at the door.

He opens it up and there’s the blonde.

“You’re finished already?” he asked her incredulously.”Yeah!

It isn’t really that big!

But I think you should know, that’s not a porch. It’s a Jaguar!”