A man and his girlfriend are getting undressed together for the first time

The man took off his shoes and socks revealing feet with missing and deformed toes.

“What happened to your feet?” his girlfriend asked.

“I had a childhood disease called Tolio ” the man said.

“Don’t you mean Polio?”

“No, Tolio, it only affects the toes.”

Not wanting to ruin the mood the girlfriend pulled down his pants and revealed a severely discolored pair of knees.

“What happened to your knees?” she asked.

“Well, I also had Kneesles ” the man replied.

“Don’t you mean measles?”

“No, kneesles, it only affects the knees.” 

Again, not wanting to ruin the mood,

she continued and pulled down his boxers before starting to laugh.

Before the man could ask what was wrong

the woman wiped a tear from her eye and said,

“Wait, let me guess…..Smallcox?”