Jimmy had a foul mouthed talking parrot as a pet.

Whenever the parrot would see the woman who lived next door,

the parrot would scream,”F***kin ho’, f***kin ho’.”

One day, the woman came to Jimmy’s house and complained to Jimmy about the parrot and asked him to mind his parrot.

Jimmy drowned the parrot in cold water till it came to senses.

Jimmy threatened that if the parrot calls the woman same again, he would drown the parrot again.

The next day, Jimmy happily told the woman that he had taught the parrot a lesson and it would never call her names.

Wanting to make sure, the woman went and talked to the parrot.

“If I exit my house with a guy, what would you say?

“The parrot replied “I’ll say that you are with your boyfriend.

“The woman wanting to test the parrot more asked again,

“What if I came out of my house with two guys? 

“The parrot answered,”I’ll say that’s your boyfriend and brother.

“The woman continued,”What if I came out with three guys?

“The parrot shouted,”Hey Jimmy, bring that cold water, this bitch is a f****kin ho’!”