A young woman visits a florist to get some flowers for her mother.

As she’s perusing, she notices the most gorgeous rose she’s ever seen sitting next to the cashier,

and asks for its price.”Oh, sorry,” the cashier replies.

“That one’s not for sale.

I got that as a gift from a fellow florist for hooking him up with a woman I met yesterday.”

“Yesterday?!” she gasps. “How did they hit it off so quickly?”

“Well, he’s a handsome man, a really nice guy, and apparently a wonderful lover.

And to top it off,” he says, leaning into a whisper,

“I hear he’s got a 10-inch cock!”She giggles, blushing.

“Sounds like quite the catch! Where can I find him?”

“He’s just a block over. But fair warning…he’s also a little…kooky.

He’s only interested in women named after flowers.

So if I ever meet a woman with a flowery name, I send her his way.

“He points at the rose. “Then, he sends me a flower as a thank you.

Yesterday was Rose. A week ago, I recommended Violet to him,

” he says, indicating a slightly wilted violet in a vase behind him.

The woman thanks him and leaves, bitterly cursing her own name.

Undeterred, she visits the well-endowed florist’s shop.