A woman got married not long after high school and her husband broke her heart when he ran off with another woman.

She eventually got back into the dating scene, and fell in love again with another man.

They married but he turned out to be an as****e who hit her when he was angry.

She divorced him as well. Over time she met a third man who seemed perfect for her in every way but one- he was terrible in b**.

She married him anyway, reasoning that s** would improve the more they knew eachother but it didn’t, and after a year she finally divorced him.

Having now been divorced three times she decided to join an online dating service and was very blunt about her preferences- she flat out asked for a man who would never hit her, never run off with another woman and be good in b**.

About three weeks later her doorbell rang and when she answered it there was a man in a wheelchair who had no legs and no arms.

He said “Hello, I think I’m your perfect man.”

She said “Really? How so?” Said the man “well, I have no arms so I will never beat you, and I have no legs so I will never run off with another woman.

She stared at him and asked “Umm… are you good in be**? And he answered “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?”