A lady who was quite overweight

A lady who was quite overweight, when she sat on the toilet, got stuck, and desperate calls her husband… –

Just, Just help me please help me…
– “Oh my God” what happened to you old woman? ?

– Just look for not paying attention to me, you left the lid up and when I sat down I went to the bottom and I got stuck!

– Ayyyy Mamasssitaa!!
– Help me, Pendejo, don’t laugh!

The husband, unable to contain his laughter, calls the plumber telling him that he had a real emergency… When he told his wife, she complained: – …

Yes **** now because of you the plumber is going to see my nudity!…

Give me something to cover myself with!… The only thing that occurred to the husband was to pass him the Texan hat he had.

Then that immensity of woman put it between her legs covering her noble parts.

When the plumber entered the bathroom, after studying the situation carefully, scratching his head he said:

– “Well… I did take the fat woman out, but the cowboy…
“I think she already screwed her mother 

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