A man gets a job at one of those sells everything superstores The manager tells him remember you’re on commission more people

you sell to the more money you make.

So the end of the day the man comes up to the manager he asks him. How did you do? The man tells him I only made one sale.

He said you’ve been here for eight hours. It’s very busy. How did you only make one . He only came in for one thing the man said.

So the manager read the receipt it came to almost $180,000. He started to read the list of things ,fishing rods. Tackle bait.

A boat, a trailer, a truck and a lot of camping gear and food.

As the man chimed in at the end and said oh shit, I forgot to sell him.

The one thing he came in for ,the manager said what was that. tampons.

The manager said how the hell did he come in for tampons and you sold all that stuff to him?

Well you see I told him ,your weekends pretty much shot. You might as well go fishing.