A woman decides to tidy up her husband’s closet and hidden in a corner at the bottom of everything she finds 4 eggs and a nice wad of money. 

She immediately starts counting them and discovers that they are 10,000 euros! She immediately calls her husband and asks for explanations.

“Paolo, can you explain to me what the hell 4 eggs are doing with your clothes?”

He’s embarrassed, he lowers his voice and replies:

“Well, dear, we’ve been married for 25 years and in all this time, like all couples, we’ve had our ups and downs…” “So?

” the woman exhorts him
“And so I thought of taking an egg from the fridge and hiding it here every time you made me angry…”

The wife seems to calm down, her answer surprises her, so she asks:

“And the 10.

“Honey, I certainly couldn’t keep eggs in the closet all my life, when I reached a dozen, I sold them down at the market! That’s the proceeds!